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Our Team


Pastor Stafford Floyd

Pastor Stafford Floyd, senior pastor of International Church in Charleston, SC has led teams for the last twenty years to several counties.  Through the avenue of prayer, his journeys have included South and Central America as well as many countries in Africa.  The purpose of these outreach teams have included medical, evangelical as well as interdenominational training conferences for pastors and church leaders.  Trailblazers Medical Missions has been the vision of Pastor Floyd to serve areas around the globe that may be challenging to reach physically as well as culturally.  


Angela Peterson

Angela Peterson, project coordinator of Trailblazers Medical Missions, has traveled primarily to Panama over the last decade serving in the San Blas region.  She is a family practice/urgent care physician assistant practicing for 22 years in the Charleston area.  Her work for the Trailblazers includes leading the Panama team, coordinating with the Panamanian government for approval of the teams into this region and acquisition of medications and supplies.  Her plans were to take one trip to Panama but now after fifteen years of annual missions to the Kuna Ayala Islands, she considers it a privilege to call it a major part of her life’s work.  


Pastor Valerio Edman Navas

A native Panamanian from the village of Armilla of the San Blas Territory.  He pastors a church that began with nearly all children many years ago.  The governor of his village, called a saila, allowed him to start a church but said no adults would be allowed to attend.  This restriction did not deter this pastor as he began pouring himself into these little ones.  Now, over 15 years later, he has many spiritual sons and daughters and a thriving church in his village.  He not only serves his village spiritually, he served the entire Kuna nation as a representative with the Department of Agriculture of Panama.  This was an open door to meet several saila in all the fifty inhabited villages.  The Trailblazers began visiting this region in 2006 as they were introduced to Pastor Navas via Pastor Gerardo Diaz of Panama City, Panama.  Pastor Navas serves now as the coordinator for the medical and evangelical Trailblazer teams and selflessly serves his nation as a church planter, teacher, supporter, and apostle.  He serves with his wife, Geraldina, and their 7 children and 8 grandchildren as they have grown up working with the Trailblazer teams.  

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